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Feel free to contact us if you any questions about the e-business cards. You can just simply send us your questions and we will contact you ASAP!

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Persinni is a young team that is located in Belgium and is passionate about new technology and wants to normalize implementing modern technology in the day to day life. We will provide top class products along with top quality service.

With this project we want to help businesses grow and expand their network.

The future is now, with this mindset we want to change the world with our technological and creative ideas. Persinni is looking forward to implement NFC in bigger and smaller companies, along with the business cards we are working on some exciting new projects.

We are aware of the problem that we have thousands of cards in our wallet, with upcoming projects we will solve this problem forever. NFC-blockers and NFC-card cases are also one of the future projects that we will be working on.

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It depends on the order. Details about the shipping are sent to you in private as soon we are done processing your order.

We work with FIFO principal (first in first out). It also depends on the quantity of the order and the complexity of the design.

Yes, you can fully customize the back side of plastic and wooden cards. Metal cards have a unique chip on the backside, therefore that part can only be partially customized.

Persinni NFC-business cards have a memory of 888 bytes which is more than enough to upload your contact information, website, address, social media and much more.

You select the cards and fill in the information that we need and that’s it! We will take over from there and customize your card to your needs and wishes. Once the design is ready we will contact you and wait for your approval. Once everything is discussed we will start producing the cards and before you know it you have your NFC-business cards in your hands.

Your information safe and secured in our database. You don’t need to worry about that because we take privacy very serious.

 The price of the card is calculated on the basis of your design, customization options and the type of card. You can find the base prices of the cards here