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How it works

We all have some questions about what NFC is and how it works, we will try to explain it to you. You can also check our social media or the video underneath to understand everything better.


What are NFC-business cards?

Persinni-business cards are the next generation of business cards. They are relatively new in comparison to the usual business cards, the first ever business card was made in the 15th century. These cards work with NFC (Near-Field Communication), these chips are built in the cards and the information can be retrieved by almost every smartphone. You can find more information about compatible devices here.

How does it work

How does NFC works on phone?

Once you have turned on NFC on your smartphone it is now ready to read a NFC-chip. When you bring the NFC-business cards to the back of your smartphone it immediately reads the signal from the NFC card. You get a pop-up on your screen of the information that is uploaded in your business card.

How does it work

How to turn on NFC?

Learn how to turn on NFC on IOS and Android devices. In the document underneath you can find a list of all the devices that can read NFC business cards.

On Android devices

1. Open the ‘Settings app’
2. Select the option ‘Control centre’
3. Scroll down and tap the green plus button to the left of ‘NFC Tag Reader’

On IOS devices

1. Go to ‘Settings’
2. Tap ‘More networks/connected devices’
3. Tap NFC
4. Tap the NFC button on or off
2. Select the option ‘Control centre’
3. Scroll down and tap the green plus button to the left of ‘NFC Tag Reader’

How does it work

How can they be customized?

The metal and wooden business cards can be customized by lasering (engraving) or by printing. It is totally up to you which style you prefer and would like to try out. Plastic cards can only be printed because of the flat and smooth surface.


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